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Hawaiian ʻAumākua, Sea & Wild Life

The Hawaiian ʻAumāku is a spiritual belief of both a heavenly and earthly nature involving animals, sea life and even plants. ʻAumāku is thought to be an ancestor that has crossed over to the afterlife and then come back in a physical form from nature to provide for the Hawaiian family as a guardian, a spiritual guide, and communicator. The relationship between the Hawaiian family and their ʻAumāku is personal and also reciprocal as the ʻAumāku tends to the family, the Hawaiian family tends to and respects the ʻAumāku in a role of worship with prayer and offerings. As with any elder, ʻAumāku will also discipline when warranted, and the family member must repent and ask forgiveness for any wrong doing.

Hawaiian Owl (Pueo)

Frequently Seen Sea & Wild Life

Enjoy this photo collage of Hawaiian sea and wild life that call the North Shore of Oahu home! You may see many of these beautiful creatures during your dive or from the boat on the way to and from the dive site. Be sure to look in the water at the Haleiwa Harbor while at the dock, we have lots of “visitors” here as well! The family’s connection with their ancestors (kūpuna) is held strong in this spiritual relationship daily practice with their protector, their ʻAumāku. Some examples of ʻAumākua may include the shark (manō), the owl (pueo), the sea turtle (honu), the eel (puhi), the octopus (heʻe), the honeycreeper bird (ʻiʻiwi), the cowry (leho), a plant (mea kanu), a rock (pōhaku) or a cloud (ao).

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Laysan Albatros (10′ wingspan)

Humpback Whale

Wedge-tailed Shearwater


Mahi Mahi (Dorado, Dolfinfish)

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Jellyfish & reflection

9 Green Sea Turtles at “cleaning station”

Tiger Shark & school of Opelu

Iwa Bird (Frigate Bird) 6′ wingspan


Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins


Haleiwa Harbor Anululu “Rainbow” Bridge

Waialua Coastline & Sugar Mill

Waianae Mountain Range & Kaena Point